In the run-up to the ESMO Congress in Madrid, ECPC submitted a letter expressing concern over ESMO’s decision to ban patients from the ESMO 2014 Exhibition Area and Industry Satellite Symposia. ECPC strongly believes that in order to have a Congress that helps sharing information to all parties involved in cancer care we should stand united and speak with one voice when approaching the European Commission and requesting to act immediately for the amendment of EU Directives 2001/83 and 2004/27 in order to re-establish the necessary, fair and just collaboration among all the members of the oncology community.

Click here to download the ECPC Letter to ESMO President – ESMO2014

Unfortunately, patient organizations were banned from entering the exhibit hall also at the 2013 European Cancer Congress in Amsterdam. At that time, patient advocates staged a demonstration in protest at being barred from the exhibit area.

ECPC is deeply sorry to that the incident in Amsterdam will not remain a one-off case, but will be repeated at ESMO2014. ECPC strongly believes that cancer treatment is multi-disciplinary and inclusive with patients, nurses and doctors, all of them sharing opinions in the treatment decisions. That is why ECPC decided to take action, voicing our concern to ESMO President Prod Rolf Stahel.