The e-Symptom Management using Advanced Symptom Management System Remote Technology (eSMART) is funded by the European Commission’s Seventh Framework Programme (Project N° 602289). Τhe clinical trial aims to evaluate the impact of a mobile phone-based, remote monitoring, symptom management intervention (Advanced Symptom Management System, ASyMS) on the delivery of care to people diagnosed with non metastatic breast, colorectal or haematological cancer during chemotherapy and for one year after treatment. 

Patients have a prominent co-researcher role in eSMART and participate in all project activities from project concept to implementation. ECPC, in its patient representative role participates equally with other researchers within the eSMART Project Technical Management Board, the Publications Committee, and the Exploitation Committee, offering advice and feedback to ensure that the trial is designed and conducted in line with patients’ needs and preferences.


The June, July and August issue of the eSMART newsletter is now available here. This is the 15-17th edition newsletter, released in September 2016.  This newsletter gives a summary of the overall number of patients recruited for the eSMART trial, set against some of the key time points of the study.


There is also information of the latest ECPC activities with regards to mHealth, including the work of ECPC Vice President, Kathi Apostolidis, as a member of the European Commission Working Group on mhealth assessment guidelines, in addition to several other ECPC important events. This eddition also features an interview with the eSMART chief investigator, Professor Roma Maguire, with reflections on the past, present and future.