“Today is an important day for patients across the European Union. As of today, EU law in force enshrines citizens’ right to go to another EU country for treatment and get reimbursed for it. From today, all EU countries should have transposed the Directive on Patients’ rights in Cross-border Healthcare, adopted 30 months ago, into their National law.

For patients, this Directive means empowerment: greater choice of healthcare, more information, easier recognition of prescriptions across-borders. The Directive is also good news for Europe’s health systems, improving cooperation between Member States on interoperable eHealth tools, the use of health technology assessment, and the pooling of rare expertise.

For patients to benefit from the rights granted by EU law, the law needs to be properly transposed and enforced. The Commission has provided a great deal of support to Member States during the transposition period. Now I urge all Member States to deliver on their obligations and fully transpose this Directive. The Commission will carefully monitor transposition, provide assistance, and take appropriate action where necessary.” commented Health Commissioner, Tonio Borg, on the entry into force of the Directive on Patients’ Rights in Cross-border Healthcare.

ECPC already started checking which Member States have set up National Contact Points, as requested by the Directive.

Please see below the table with the information we found so far. We will constantly update the table and keep you posted.