ECPC board and Audit committee ELECTION 1


The counting of the votes is planned on 27th May 2019 at 12:00 at the ECPC lawyer’s office. Representatives of ECPC Member Organisations are allowed to attend the counting of the vote at their own expenses. If interested to attend, get in touch with us for more information. 


Results of the ECPC Election

ECPC is happy to present the new elected Board:

Beata Ambroziewicz

Maude Andersson

Kathi Apostolidis

Jacqueline Daly

Robert S. Greene

Vasile Ianovici 

Pietro Presti

ECPC is happy to present the new elected Audit Committee:

James Caldwell 

Constantine Nicolaides

Roberto Persio


election results


AC results


The ECPC Lawyer have received paper ballots from 122 Full ECPC Members.

Board Elections:

114 votes valid

8 votes non-valid 


Audit Committe Elections:

117 votes valid

5 votes non-valid




It is our pleasure to announce that this year the European Cancer Patient Coalition holds the election of the new ECPC Board, Audit Committee, and the nomination of the members of the Scientific Committee. This webpage provides all the information necessary to ECPC Members to understand and contribute to the election process.


ECPC Election Candidates

ECPC Board Member Candidates (2019-2022)

Beata Ambroziewicz
Maude Andersson
Kathi Apostolidis
Maria Begoña Barragán García
Jelena Burianova
Ioana Alina Comanescu
Jacqueline Daly
Robert S. Greene
Jacob Hansen
Vasile Ianovici
Matti Järvinen 
Ken Mastris
Pietro Presti 


Audit Committee Candidates (2019-2022)

Istvan Balogh 
James Caldwell
Dégi Laszlo Csaba
Constantine Nicolaides
Roberto Persio


  • Who can submit a candidature?
      All ECPC Members (Full and Associate) can nominate a candidate for the Audit and Scientific Committees.
      Only Full Members can submit candidatures for the Board Members.
      If you do not know if you are a Full Member, check on the


      or write to


  • What do we vote for?
    We will elect:
    • 7 new Board Members
    • 3 new Audit Committee Members

Please note: There is not voting for the Members of the Scientific Committee. They will be selected by the new Board in September 2019 based on nominations from all ECPC Members.

  • Who can vote?

Only Full Members can vote.

    The term of office for all the selected positions is three years (2019 – 2022).

  • 14th February – 13th March: ECPC Full and Associate Members send the candidatures (Associate Members can not submit candidatures for the Board Members.)
  • On the 13th March: The approved candidatures will be communicated to all full members.
  • 15th April – 15th May: vote. All ECPC Full Members will receive a letter with the voting forms. The voting forms must be sent to the Notary (see “Voting instructions”)
  • On the 15th of April: ECPC will communicate on the website when the Notary will count the votes.
  • 27th May: The Notary counts the votes
  • 9th June, ECPC AGM 2019: ECPC publishes the results of the votes. The new Board and Audit Committees are created

  • Use the document “Nomination form ECPC Election – Full Members” ((click here to download )or “Nomination form ECPC Election – Associate Members” (click here to download) and fill out the form with your proposed candidatures
  • Send the form back to the ECPC Office via email at elections@ecpc.org/ no later than 13th March at 24.00.

  On the 13th March, ECPC will publish the list of candidates for all positions on the ECPC website.
Starting from the 15th April, each Full ECPC Member will receive:

  1. ) letter with:
    • Voting form Board ECPC Elections 2019
    • Voting form Audit Committee ECPC Elections 2019
    • Envelope B, with the pre-stamped address of the Notary
    • Envelope C
  2. ) an email with:
    • The short guide to the 2019 elections
    • The complete guide to the 2019 elections
    • Extract from the ECPC statute regarding the election
    1. Fill in the Voting form Board ECPC Elections 2019
    2. Fill in the Voting form Audit Committee ECPC Elections 2019
    3. Place the two Voting forms (Board and Audit Committee) together inside Envelope C
    4. Place Envelope C inside Envelope
    5. Send the Envelope B to the Notary Office in Brussels by registered mail
    6. The deadline to send the votes is 15th May. If you send the votes after this date your votes will not be valid!
    7. Keep the receipt from the post office! ECPC will reimburse you at the AGM (9th June 2019) or via bank transfer upon request.
    8. Do you have questions? Write to: