The ECPC family continues to grow with four new ECPC members!

The first organisation is called Mamma HELP from Czech Republic and was established in 1999. It is the largest female breast cancer patient organization in Czech Republic comprising 8 centres in both regional and district towns. Mamma HELP´s centres are operated by cured cancer patients who provide patients and their families with the necessary information and practical advice to cope with the disease. They receive the visit of about 6,000 women annually. Mamma HELP also provides a free AVON Breast Cancer Hotline, public lectures focused on the prevention of breast cancer and oncology consulting services (including both lymphatic counseling and physiotherapy/rehabilitation classes). They have several publications on breast cancer examination and treatment and they help in the organisation of various campaigns, events and exhibitions for the support and reintegration of patients into the everyday life.

More information about their activities can be found on their website: www.mammahelp.cz.

The second member is ARDCEL – ASOCIATIA PENTRU REGISTRUL DONATORILOR DE CELULE STEM from Romania. It is a Stem Cell Donor Registry Association with the purpose to support, by any means, the stem cell donation and transplantation in Romania. The main goal of ARDCEL is to support the activities of the National Stem Cell Donor Registry through campaigns promoting the hematopoietic stem cell donation, aimed to inform the population on the benefits of hematopoietic stem cell transplantation and on the stem cell donation process. ECPC encourages you to visit the National Stem Cell Donnor Registry website to read more about their initiative: www.registru-celule-stem.ro

Our third new member is the association MEDALERT, also from Romania, which is the only Romanian think-tank and advocacy group specialized on health issues. They were set up with the support of the US embassy in Bucharest and they do not accept any financing from the industry. Members of their Board are well-known journalists, patient advocates, cancer patients and doctors. One of their most well-known projects, “The Cytostatics Network”, was featured in an hour-long documentary which will be broadcasted by HBO in 12 European countries starting next autumn. Here is the trailer. The documentary was nominated for the EU Health Prize. To read the whole story click here

For more details on MEDALERT and its mission please visit: http://medalert.ro/

Finally, we are glad to also welcome the Association “Daruieste Aripi”. This Romanian association is composed of volunteers who have decided, together with doctors, to build in the city of Constanta the only centre in South Eastern Romania specialized in diagnosing, treating and monitoring children with cancer. The association was set up in April 2013 with the purpose to raise the necessary funds to execute this particular project. One year later, in February 2014, they successfully launched the FOCUS Medical Center, a place where children with cancer and their families are getting not only the medical treatment they need but also the support to fight against cancer. FOCUS Medical Center is treating at this moment approximately 300 children with onco-hematological and rheumatological diseases from the South-East region of Romania.

ECPC is proud to have such a proactive member and invites you to read more about this inspiring initiative and their other projects at: www.daruiestearipi.ro

We want to thank you all for the trust you put in our team. Welcome to ECPC!