Europe needs a plan for action to define how it should invest in health for all”, said Vytenis Andriukaitis, European Commissioner for Health & Food Safety in his keynote address at the conference ‘Universal Health: Investing in Health and Well-being for All’ on Monday, June 29, in Riga.

”I believe it will be nice to discuss the possibility to change the European Union treaties in the future” said Commissioner Andriukaitis, who would like to extend and enshrine health issues in the treaties. While now the EU can work on prevention issues such alcohol and tobacco, the treaties could cover broader ideas. “I think it will be very timely to raise those questions at the European Parliament level and at Council level”, he added.

”The state of health systems affects all of us” said the Commissioner. ”There is a need to reduce the toll of early death and relieve the pressure of chronic disease, and in doing so, to make Europe’s health systems more effective and sustainable”.

Now is the time, after the call for action, to come up with a plan for action”, he emphasised.

As the Commissioner’s statements touch at the heart of ECPC Europe of Disparities action, ECPC welcomes his statements in a letter to the Commissioner that you can download by clicking here