The European Patients Forum organizes on April 7 and 8, 2014 in Athens, Greece, a conference on the Cross-border Healthcare Directive to build knowledge about its provisions and patient rights enshrined within this legislation. ECPC Vice President, Kathi Apostolidis, has been invited to present the patient’s perspective on the implementation of the Directive.

The conference objectives are:

  • To ensure understanding about the scope of the Directive and its application at national level;
  • To exchange views on those aspects of the Directive that will be particularly important and/or challenging in different national contexts;
  • To explore various facets of the Directive which have wider policy and systems implications of interest to patients (eHealth provision, HTA provision, general provisions on Quality of Care and Patient Safety, specific provisions linked to Rare Diseases, etc.);
  • To share and discuss good practices for the implementation of the Directive;
  • To facilitate greater understanding regarding the role of National Contact Points in different Member States and how patient groups could support their effectiveness;
  • To agree an approach to evaluate the impact of the legislation from a patients‘ perspective;
  • To create an informal network of patient leaders interested and committed in CBHC to monitor developments over the coming years.

For more information please consult the EPF website.