As every year, European Cancer Patient Coalition is taking active and dynamic part at raising awareness about the world’s population fight against cancer on World Cancer Day.



A truly global movement taking place on 4 February each year, aims to save millions of cancer patients, keeping governments and individuals across the world in alert to take actions against the disease. Most of us know someone with a personal experience with  cancer so we all understand the importance of raising awareness and education to accomplish early diagnosis, as well as efficient prevention, treatment and eventually survivorship of cancer patients.

This year, through the theme “We can. I can”, there are more than 542 events going on worldwide that aim to spread the word and raise the profile of cancer in people’s minds and in the world’s media. ECPC is strongly encouraging and counting on everyone’s support: individuals, organisations, corporates, schools, cities, governments, hospitals and communities – especially you – because every action counts!


Find out how to get involved by clicking here

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