On the 5th of December ECPC will organize within the European Parliament a policy workshop on Immuno-Oncology: adapting policies to a new modality in cancer treatment hosted by Philippe de Backer (ALDE MEP). If interested to attend, please contact mihaela.militaru@ecpc.org/

More details about the concept of the event:

Immuno-Oncology involves agents working directly with the body’s immune system to fight cancer. Immuno-Oncology aims to change survival expectations and the way patients live with cancer. However, in order for cancer patients to reap the full benefits of such new modalities, adaptations to the policy framework are necessary. The upcoming Joint Action on Cancer, focusing on developing a European Guide on comprehensive cancer control, could provide an opportunity for such policy adaptation through multi-stakeholder collaboration.

This policy workshop will aim to further the debate on holistic cancer care and new modalities in cancer treatment. Using Immuno-Oncology as a working example, the workshop participants will try to identify the pertaining unmet needs in cancer care, the challenges with regard to access to new treatment modalities and discuss potential solutions. Participants from the policy, scientific and patient world will explore avenues for policy adaptation with a view to ensuring long term survival and quality of life for cancer patients.