ECPC mourns the loss of Jacob Landsmann Hansen, Board Member

It is with deep sadness and heavy heart that we share with you the death of our Board Member Jacob Landsmann Hansen at the age of 57, Treasurer of FOOKID-The Association for Information on Complementary Cancer Treatment in Denmark, who passed away this last Sunday, 21 May 2023.

ECPC lost a trusted and respected colleague, who taught us modesty, commitment, and care for our co-patients, a true and generous cancer patient advocate, who cared and wanted to improve all the small but very big things for cancer patients in acute treatment, Francesco de Lorenzo, ECPC President commented.

Jacob passed away after long treatments for metastatic cancer in recent years. At ECPC, we will all miss him more than words can convey. He was not just our Board Member but a great cancer patient advocate and our good friend as well.

Jacob was a transports and logistics professional in his country Denmark and met with John Madsen, FOOKID President, with whom they started FOOKID in 2019. His deep interest was to help other people fighting cancer, and in his free time  was a great soccer fan.

We will always remember Jacob, a true cancer patient advocate who dedicated his advocacy to complementary cancer treatment and more specifically, to drug repurposing and milder cancer treatments. We had met Jacob three years ago and he briefed us about his organization Fookid in Denmark and their activity in   complementary cancer treatments and support of drug repurposing on cancer. Hasked about support and guidance. Jacob was passionate about the importance of drug repurposing in cancer and was happy that it was recognized in the EU Cancer plan and wanted us all to be more active on this front.

Jacob stood fiercely up to cancer, but his health deteriorated during the last months despite change of treatments. Jacob was really proud and highly committed to his role as Board member. He was a modest man, striving for unity and joining all views.

We will always remember him connecting to the last board meeting earlier this month from the car, as he was returning from the hospital and even though he was visibly exhausted, he wanted to honor his role as ECPC Board member.

Jacob was divorced and  he leaves behindtwo sons and three sisters. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family during this time.

The Board decided to commemorate him at the forthcoming Annual General Meeting on June 25 and keep one minute silence to his memory

ECPC team