Brussels, 4th February 2020

On the occasion of the Word Cancer Day, ECPC is launching the new HTA (Health Technology Assessment) toolkit Patient Involvement in Health Technology Assessment: A toolkit for patients and patient organizations’. This toolkit will leverage the existing resources combining up-to-date information, country specific examples and provide cancer patients and organizations with a practical guide and a comprehensive overview of how to be directly involved in the work of HTA agencies.

“Cancer patients as ultimate recipients of medical technologies understand the need for new therapies and their impact on the quality of life. Their unique experience, perspectives and knowledge are significant in determining the value of new treatments in the HTA,” said Charis Girvalaki, ECPC EU Affairs Manager.

Despite the fact that involving patients in HTA process is considered beneficial, there is a lack of good methodologies to implement this. Understanding how to be involved practically at the local, national, and international levels is crucial. ECPC therefore prepared a comprehensive and easy-to-read toolkit to empower European cancer patients and improve their involvement in HTA.

The main aims of this new toolkit are to:

  • Improve the general understanding of the HTA process and the actors involved, with a brief theoretical overview.
  • Increase the skills of non-professional involved in HTA so that they have a practical overview of how they can share their experiences efficiently and effectively.
  • To provide national and international useful sources to support network-building and develop detailed action-plans.

“Innovative medicine and treatment offer the potential to improve the lives of millions of cancer patients, yet significant discrepancies in time-to-access across the EU remain. We hope that the future regulation in the field of HTA will put patients in its centre,” said Ken Mastris, ECPC President.

The toolkit is now available in English and Portuguese. It will soon be available in Spanish.


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