ECPC firmly believes that head and neck cancer is a disease that would be dramatically improved through increased awareness of the signs and symptoms.

Subsequent to the launch of the White Paper on Head and Neck cancers, on the 24th of September, in the European Parliament, ECPC set up a Working Group on Head and Neck cancers that will advocate for developments in diagnosis and treatment tools. The Working Group also supports early diagnosis of cancer through educational and information activities within civil societies while supplying the needed support to new H&N cancer patients during their treatment.

Today ECPC wrote to the MEPs that supported the White Paper, informing them on the setting up of the new Working Group and the possibility of organising a follow-up meeting next year in order to discuss the achievements of this recently created working group.

ECPC will also get involved in the translation of promotional materials for awareness campaigns on head and neck cancers in several member states.

For information on the awareness campaign called Make Sense, which was started in early 2013, please visit the campaign website www.makesensecampaign.eu

Background information

H&N cancers are the 6th most common types of cancer in Europe with more than 150,000 new patients diagnosed in 2012, and an incidence rate of the disease on the rise. There is little awareness of H&N cancers among the general public with many cases diagnosed at late stage. Despite major advances in the treatment of H&N cancer, over the past three decades, with new surgical tools and radio therapeutic modalities, the overall patient outcomes remain disappointingly unchanged.