The Patient Advocacy Track provided European patient organisations and bodies involved in patient care with an excellent networking opportunity – giving participants the possibility to discuss vital issues and challenges faced by cancer patients. ECPC, as a Member of the ESMO Patient Working Group, actively participated into the definition of the ESMO2014 Patient Track, which took place on the 27th and 28th September 2014. The track has been designed for cancer patient groups, representatives of cancer leagues, healthcare professionals, industry representatives and caregivers.

Click here to download the ESMO2014 Patients Track Programme.

ESMO2014 Patients’ Track – 27th Sept.

Cancer research – Patients involvement in cancer clinical research

The session was chaired by ECPC Member Hein Jambroers, a melanoma survivor and active patient advocate in the field of melanoma. Mr Jambroers presented his experience through a touching intervention, supported by a thorough presentation. (Presentation no longer available on ESMO website)

Tratment and living and capacity building – Nutritional status and outcome: the emerging truth

This session opened the discussion on one of ECPC fundmental priorities for the future: medical nutrition and cancer. Prof De Lorenzo interveened with a detailed presentation on the impact of nutrion on patients’ quality of life.

Tratment and living and capacity building – Patient Interaction with Multidisciplinary Teams

What do patients expect from their medical teams? That is what ECPC Secretary Jana Pelouchova explained to the vast audience in Madrid during her presentation, available clicking here (Presentation no longer available on ESMO website).

Tratment and living and capacity building – Highlighting some social challenges

ECPC President Prof De Lorenzo, given his vast experience in cancer patients’ survivorship issues, chaired the Patients Track session devoted to long term survival. Find out more clicking here (Presentation no longer available on ESMO website).

ESMO2014 Patients’ Track – 28th Sept.

Patients Advocacy – European Crossborder Healthcare Directive

ECPC Vice President closely followed the design and implementation of the Directive, already informing ECPC Members about its impact during our Annual General Meeting in Bucharest. As the chair of the session, and supported by ECPC Director Mihaela Militaru, Ms Apostolidis provided a fair assessment of the Directive’s consequences and shortfalls. Check her presentation clicking here (Presentation no longer available on ESMO website).

Head and Neck Patient Advocacy Group Network launch.

During ESMO2014, the European Head and Neck Patient Advocacy Group Network was launched, with the support of ECPC.

The European PAG Network aims to provide the foundations to support and assist all patients with head and neck cancer across Europe to receive the best possible care. It will do this through:
• Pioneering for optimal care for patients
• Working closely with the full patient care network
• Sharing ideas and knowledge to support best practices

Read more about the Head&Neck European PAG Network clicking here.