Since 2007, the ECL Patient Support Working Group (PSWG) connects cancer care experts who share knowledge and work together on developing best practice guides and informational materials to raise awareness and improve the quality of cancer care in Europe. The PSWG focuses on a wide range of cancer patient-related matters, including access to insurance and financial services, return to work, caregiver support, sexuality and relationships issues, cancer rehabilitation and palliative care. PSWG members strive to make the patient voice heard in national and European decision-making.

“In many European countries, one in three people will be diagnosed with cancer by the age of 75. Therefore, as an employer, HR professional, manager or team leader, you are likely to face a situation when your employees or their loved ones are affected by cancer. This handbook (i) explains why it is necessary for employers and managers to adopt a comprehensive policy and set of procedures on managing cancer in the workplace and (ii) provides useful tips to help you navigate through cancer’s challenges. In four chapters, the handbook aims to help you understand how to best support employees affected by cancer and provides practical advice to minimise the impact on your organisation and everyone involved. It highlights that colleagues and caregivers can also be affected by the situation and suggests ways to support them. It also includes a selection of good practices from various employers on how they have handled cancer in their workplaces.”

You can now find the handbook down below.


ECL Cancer at Work Handbook