On the 7th October ECPC President Prof De Lorenzo organised and facilitated a meeting between ESMO Public Policy Committee Chair Prof Paolo CasaliItalian Tumour Registries Association past President Mr Ferretti and the Italian Undersecretary of State for Justice Mr Cosimo Ferri.

During the meeting, Prof De Lorenzo and Prof Casali exposed the issues related to the current draft legislation on the General Data Protection Regulation, and the possible consequences for patients and researchers. In particular, ECPC and ESMO underlined the necessity to include in the GDPR a derogation from consent for population-based disease registries and the one-time consent for retrospective clinical research and tissue banks.

Read ESMO position paper on the GDPR, endorsed by ECPC and the oncology community

Mr Ferri, a former magistrate and political member of the current Italian government, highly appreciated the involvement of civil society in the matter, demonstrating clear understanding of the issues at stake, pledging to take in due consideration the highly expert position of ESMO and ECPC.