The most important event in oncology in Greece, a three-day 23rd Congress of the HeSMO-Hellenic Society of Medical Oncologywill be opened on 28th of April in Athens. Several well known European and Greek oncologists will present on a great number of key oncology topics.

Professor Richard Sullivan has been invited to deliver the opening lecture on “Challenging the Europe of disparities in cancer”, a framework for improved survival and better quality of life for European cancer patients.

The policy work Europe of Disparities in Cancer“, initiated by ECPC in 2014, is the result of continued hard work and research . On the 21st of January 2015, ECPC organized an event in the European Parliament to stir the attention of stakeholders and policy makers on inequalities in cancer care. Prof Mark Lawler and Ian Banks, representing the European Cancer Concord immediately replied to a plea and joined the Working Group responsible for the drafting of the paper, swiftly followed by Prof Richard Sullivan. Significant support has also been received from the European Association of Hospital Pharmacists, which denounced together with us the problem of the shortage of cancer drugs in Europe.

Kathi Apostolidis, Vice President of ECPC, is also invited speaker to present on barriers and goals of patient involvement in cancer policy design.

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