Virtual workshop with patients and carers

ECPC is supporting GAMIAN-Europe in a project around comorbidity of cancer and depression. The project will be in the form of two workshops which will look to:

  1. Raise awareness on the issue of depressions as a cancer co-morbidity
  2. Gather in-depth patients accounts on the issue of co-morbidity
  3. Gather information from relevant stakeholders such as patients, clients, clinicians, researchers & EU & national policy makers regarding the challenges of this co-morbidity

(The whole proposal can be found  here)

The first workshop (for patients and carers) is due to take place on the 26th of October.

The second workshop (for clinicians and other relevant stakeholders e.g. researchers) is scheduled to take place the 24th of November (TBD)

 If you are interested, please fill in the form here.

If you are living with this comorbidity or know of any patients, caregivers or clinicians in your own organisation(s) that could be interested in participating in these workshops, please pass this email on.

On a final note, those patients who do decide to participate in the workshop will be given a stipend for their contribution to the workshop.

For any clarifications or general queries about the project please don’t hesitate to reach out to .