Second virtual workshop with clinicians and stakeholders

ECPC is supporting GAMIAN-Europe with running a project on the Comorbidity of Cancer and Depression and its effects on patients. The reasoning behind the project is the following:

Cancer patients with a pre-existing depression diagnosis face significant challenges. Cancer can be poorly treated or overlooked, with the symptoms misattributed as an expression of the mental disorder due to ignorance, stigma or discrimination. Their cancer diagnosis and side effects of treatment also often lead to a worsening of depressive symptoms, which is often not adequately addressed.

With this campaign, we aim to

  • Raise awareness on the issue of depression as a cancer comorbidity
  • Gather in-depth patient accounts on the issue of this comorbidity (for both patients that had either depression or cancer diagnosed first)
  • Encourage dialogue between patients, clinicians and other stakeholders as a basis for policy recommendations for EU and national policymakers

With this in mind, we are looking for participants to give feedback in a workshop format to create an in-depth report to be disseminated at the end of the project. So far we have held the first workshop on the 26th of October asking for input from patients and carers. We will be running a second workshop on the 24th of November from 15:00-16:30 CET where we are looking to get the perspectives of clinicians and other relevant stakeholders i.e. researchers.

You can sign up for the second workshop by following the link and filling out the form

If you need any further clarifications on the workshop or the project in general, don’t hesitate to reach out to Karl Lavò at GAMIAN-Europe at