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Are you an advanced prostate cancer patient? Are you currently receiving, or have received in the past, either ADT or Chemotherapy treatment since your advanced prostate cancer diagnosis? Are you  Resident in a European country (non-UK)? We would like to invite you to take part in a research study……

Aim of the study: To ensure that men who have advanced prostate cancer and receive treatment for it have their views factored into research into the management of prostate cancer, it is imperative that we ask about and listen to their experiences. Our aim in this project is to understand what outcomes are important to men with advanced prostate cancer.

Primary objective: To explore which outcomes are important to European men with advanced prostate cancer.

Secondary objective: To explore Individual’s decision making process; individual processing of diagnosis and adaptation and treatment burden and effect on identity.

Practicalities: The interview is conducted virtually via teams/skype/zoom or whatever alternative the participants prefer. All interviews are recorded. They tend to last between 30-45 minutes and are arranged at a time that is most suitable to the participant.

Are you a patient interested in joining this study or a clinician who would like to share this study with your patients? If so please read the PIONEER Interview Study Information Booklet or contact Dr. Sheela Tripathee (, for more information.