The protection of cancer patients against COVID-19 should be a priority. The pandemic has disrupted our lives and vulnerable people have suffered severe effects. ECPC, among other patient organizations, has endorsed this call to action from the ESMO (European Society for Medical Oncology).

One of the main aims of this call to action is to put forward some of the needs that patients have in regard to the COVID-19 pandemic and the vaccinations.

COVID-19 has not only had an impact on cancer patients but it will also lead to an influx of cases in the coming years due to the lack of regular screening and the difficulties in patient adherence to treatment.

The approval of the vaccine has provided us with hope but equity and fair distribution need to be ensured. As the call to action states, the main objectives are to reduce deaths and disease burden and protect those who most need protection. Furthermore, the following actions are key to guarantee a good quality of life for cancer patients:

  • Vaccinate all cancer patients in line with the WHO principles aiming to reduce deaths and disease burden.
  • Diligently collect data to monitor the effects of the vaccines in vulnerable population including cancer patients
  • Educate and instil confident among the public and patients in receiving the vaccines.

You can read the full call to action here