BenchCan is funded by the European Commission’s EU Health Programme 2008-2013 benchmarking comprehensive cancer care that provides interdisciplinary treatment for patients, and yield examples of best practice in comprehensive cancer care (BenchCan). The research project was carried out between May 2013 to June 2016, closed project.



The general objective of BenchCan is to benchmark comprehensive cancer care & yield best practice examples in a way that contributes to improving the quality of interdisciplinary patient treatment.
To achieve this, the project addresses 6 specific objectives:

  • To collect, compare and align by consensus formation the standards, recommendations and accreditation criteria of comprehensive cancer care in selected European countries.
  • To review and refine a benchmarking tool that can be applied to comprehensive cancer care through interdisciplinary patient treatment.
  • To pilot the benchmark tool with particular attention to operations management and best clinical practice.
  • To maximise knowledge exchange and sharing of best practice between providers of comprehensive cancer care in member states and regions.
  • To ensure compatibility of the benchmarking tools with existing cancer care resources and services.
  • To ensure the sustainability and longer-term benefits of the project.

The BenchCan project developed a tool for benchmarking comprehensive cancer care and, in the process, revealed positive examples that can lead to improvements in the quality of interdisciplinary treatment. The project piloted its benchmarking tool at 11 sites in 3 geographic EU clusters. A benchmarking exercise was conducted at each site, and this work was reviewed by an external group. Areas for improvement were highlighted and action plans were adopted. The results were published in a benchmarking manual that was made available through open access.

ECPC’s Role

As the largest cancer patients’ organisation in Europe, ECPC has been invited to oversee the BenchCan work, providing horizontal support to the project, ensuring that the patients’ perspective is overall respected through the different work packages.


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BenchCan is funded by the EU Health Programme 2008-2013: the Second Programme of Community Action in the Field of Health, Project N° 20121211.

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