All.Can is an international multi-stakeholder initiative set up to optimise the efficiency of cancer care by focusing on improving outcomes for cancer patients. It was established to create political and public engagement around efficiency improvements in cancer care, and ECPC is one of the founding members of the initiative. The International Brain Tumour Alliance and EuropaColon, members of ECPC, are also member of All.Can International.

All.Can was launched at the European Parliament in 2016 and over two years it has grown to become an expanding movement with a diverse membership.

The All.Can initiative currently has 26 members representing patient organisations, policymakers, healthcare professionals, research and industry. This initiative envisions a world where people with cancer are always at the heart of sustainable care. All.Can includes an extensive research programme, and implements policy engagement activities, in order to facilitate the initiative’s mission and vision.

ECPC has been actively involved in All.Can activities since the launch of the initiative, including the development and launch of the policy report “Towards sustainable cancer care: Reducing inefficiencies, improving outcomes.” The goal of the report is to improve efficiency in cancer care, as a mean to secure better outcomes for people with cancer and to make better use of all available resources as a result.

To find out more about the All.Can International Activities in 2017, you can view the All.Can At One – the Initiative’s first annual report.

In January 2018, a European Parliament seminar ‘Improving outcomes, driving efficiency in cancer care: How do we learn from best practice?’ was organised together with MEPs Against Cancer (MAC) group. ECPC contributed to the development of the “Patient Survey – Improving Outcomes for Patients, focusing on efficiency”, which was carried out throughout 2018 to shed light on patients’ experience in their cancer treatments across the globe.The outcomes of the seminar have been published in the World Cancer Day edition of The Parliament Magazine.

In March 2018, an All.Can International Steering Committee was appointed to lead the strategic direction and governance of the initiative. Alex Filcievas, ECPC Head of EU Affairs, was elected to represent ECPC in the Steering Committee. To see the full list of the members please visit All.Can International website. 

All.Can has partnered with the International Consortium for Health Outcomes Measurement (ICHOM) to undertake a landmark study in lung and breast cancer, which officially launched in June 2018. The project – Improving Value for Lung and Breast Cancer Patients: a European study of outcomes in practice – aims to measure outcomes consistently across a community of provider units. The participating units are located in Belgium, France, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and the UK. Visit the All.Can Website to find out more details about the study, the results are expected towards the end of 2019.

On 6 -7 September 2018, the All.Can multi-stakeholder initiative came together for it’s Annual Meeting and the first Global Meeting at the ECCO Annual Summit 2018 in Vienna. Both meetings brought together members of All.Can International and representatives of a growing number of national initiatives of All.Can across the globe.

On 4 October 2018, All.Can hosted its second session at the European Health Forum Gastein (EHFG). The session, entitled ‘Patient insights for sustainable care – improving efficiency in care for all’ focused on themes emerging from the All.Can patient survey, which has been running throughout 2018.

The All.Can Patient Survey – Improving Outcomes for Patients, Focusing on Efficiency surveyed people who have been diagnosed with cancer. The research was carried out in nine countries throughout 2018. There was also an international option, for people who do not live in one of the participating countires.  The questions were designed to gather patient views on what needs to improve or change in the delivery of care for cancer patients. As resources in healthcare are limited, we must ensure that the money spent brings benefits to patients’ lives. The results of the survey will be launched in July 2019. For latest updates, visit the All.Can Website.

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If you would like to discuss All.Can and ECPC involvement in more detail, or have particular questions, please contact Alex Filicevas, Head of EU Affairs at ECPC alex.filicevas@ecpc.org/

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Our animation details the problem of inefficiency in cancer care, possible solutions and the key areas we are focusing on.


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