Patient Organisations in the Assessment of Cancer Treatments

In December 2018, The European Cancer Patient Coalition will launch an online educational module which aims to equip our members with knowledge to participate in the Health Technology Assessment (HTA) of cancer treatments.

The module will cover cancer treatments and how they are examined in these assessments, why cancer treatments might be reimbursed in some countries but not in others, and how cancer patient organisations can get involved in the HTA.

People living with cancer and their carers best understand the need for new therapies and their impact on quality of life. Their unique knowledge, perspectives and experiences are crucial in determining the value of new treatments in the Health Technology Assessment.


Launching in December 2018, in the meantime check out our short education video below!

Thank you for your feedback!

At the ECPC Annual Congress 2018, which took place in Brussels on 8-10 June 2018, we have presented to our members the draft content of the ECPC HTA eLearning Module. We have also asked what were their thoughts about the module and how could we improve it.

You may also know that we have asked for your valuable feedback online via a digital form which was provided on this webpage.
We will now, therefore, work on developing the interactive module by taking into account the voices of people living with cancer whom our Members represent.

Please refer to this page for any updates!


What is the state of play on HTA?

Examples from EU Member States - Leaflet

After gathering information from various experts and our members, the European Cancer Patient Coalition has produced a short but comprehensive leaflet summarizing what is the state of play and how patients are involved in the HTA process in Europe. In particular, we compared how health technologies are assessed in Belgium, England, Finland, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Romania, and Sweden.

If you would like to comment or to contribute to this list, contact us at!

You can download the leaflet here



The European Cancer Patient Coalition gratefully acknowledges the support of AbbVie, AstraZeneca, Cancer Drug Development Forum, Eli Lilly and Company, MSD, Novartis, Roche, Takeda.

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