• Team-ECPC will run the Brussels 20K for pancreatic cancer

    On the 18th of May, the European Cancer Patient Coalition Team – TeamECPC will run the Brussels 20 Km Run to raise awareness on Pancreatic Cancer.

    In the past, ECPC has already engaged in sport activities to raise awareness on cancer. This year we have a more personal motivation behind the choice of the cause we will uphold: we want to bring support to one of our beloved colleagues who lost her mom to this terrible disease.

    Donations can be made in the following account:


    IBAN: BE65 3631 2665 8596

    Or through our PayPal Account

    Pancreatic cancer is the 4th biggest cancer killer in Europe. The survival rate is extremely low: more than 95% of those affected dying of their disease. Despite the terrible figures, this cancer is not well known and insufficiently understood by the scientific community. In fact, pancreatic cancer is the only cancer which has not seen any improvement in terms of European mortality rates for both men and women. The symptoms appear at a late stage, they are very vague and can be easily mistaken for other diseases. This leads to critical delays before finally receiving the correct diagnosis.

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    We need more people to be made aware of the symptoms of pancreatic cancer so as to fasten diagnosis in time for surgery, which is for now the most effective approach towards treating the disease. Furthermore, we need public and private researchers to focus more on this deadly disease, by allocating more resources to pancreatic cancer research.

    ECPC’s participation to the run will also mark ECPC’s renewed engagement towards pancreatic cancer patients; ECPC is in fact working towards setting up a new pan-European platform on pancreatic cancer. The platform will follow the example of the Melanoma Independent Cancer Advisory Group – M-ICAB, established by ECPC ( Considering the low survival rates, the lack of information on pancreatic cancer and the very few existing patient organisations, ECPC wants to create this platform in order to provide information, resources, guides and support to patients all over Europe regardless of their nationality. The platform will also bring together different health stakeholders with the hope that one day we will have measurable improvements.

    November is internationally celebrated as the Pancreatic cancer awareness month. However, at ECPC we believe that we should face this issue all year long. Although your donations are important, our fight starts with raising awareness on this important issue. Starting with our colleague we want to show support to those living with or touched by pancreatic cancer. On the 18th of May we will run for those who lost the fight and even more so for those who won’t quit it. Because sometimes, against all odds, we still hope…


  • TeamECPC

  • TeamECPC, what a great experience!

    ECPC received the following letter and gladly shares it with its community.

    giorgiosMy name is Giorgos Kapetanakis and I am from Greece. I am a cancer survivor and I am member of the Society of Cancer Patients of Katerini (Member of ECPC).

    Last May I noticed TeamECPC for the first time, when I saw the pictures of Mihaela, Francesco, Helen and Charlesrunning the 20 km race in Brussels! I was so excited! As I like running and try to follow a healthy lifestyle, I found very exciting the idea to participate to a running event with Team ECPC!

    So I sent an email to ECPC, asking if it was possible to join the TeamECPC for the next race, the "Color Run" in Brussels. The answer was immediate and positive! Francesco, Michaela and all the guys of ECPC are awesome!!! From the very first moment, they make me feel a welcome teammate, they were in touch with me all the time and they took care of everything, so I didn't face any difficulties!

    The day of the race was a big celebration (check the photos on Facebook)! Of course this race had no winners or losers. As the happiest 5K of the world, the only thing that matters is to join and have good time!

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    But it wasn’t only good time and fun for me. It was a very good opportunity to send my messages and to help ECPC to raise awareness on cancer! I wanted to send to all Cancer Patients in my country and all over the Europe a message of strength, a message of fight, a message of optimism, a message of life!!! I also wanted to encourage other people like me, from all countries, to follow their heart and their soul and to do the same! We are all from different countries, with different languages, different cultures different background, but we have to fight the same disease and we have the same feelings, the same fears and the same problems! So we have to help and give strength each other and stand by!

    I don't know if I managed to have success with my purposes, (anyway it is only the beginning), but one thing is sure: I felt very good and I was very moved and honored to join TeamECPC !!! I am looking forward to the next race, Team ECPC!!!

    Until then, I want to wish Marry Christmas to everybody and a Happy, Healthy and Peaceful New Year!!!

    Giorgos Kapetanakis

    We thank Giorgios for having shared in such a warm and friendly way his experience with TeamECPC.

    Do you want to join TeamECPC? Check out on our dedicated page which will be the next running events and ask to participate!

    Are you organising your own event and you would like TeamECPC to participate? Would you like to suggest us a new event? Feel free to write us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.