Physicians and patients alike often neglect a fundamental aspect of cancer treatment: nutrition. ECPC launched a new project to discover what patients know about medical nutrition.

Nutrition is a fundamental aspect of the therapeutic course of cancer patients. It contributes to the improvement of physical conditions and allows the patient to undergo therapy while better tolerating its negative consequences. In a broader sense, nutrition helps the organism to better cope with the illness.

However, nutrition is often neglected. National and local cancer patients' organisation might not have the resources to disseminate information on nutrition to all their patients.

For these reasons, ECPC is circulating a survey on nutrition in cancer patients as part of a new project, which aims at creating meaningful information to cancer patients on nutrition.

Objectives of the Survey

The first step will be to understand what patients, through their organisations, know about nutrition. In order to best satisfy the information needs of cancer patients and their families but also understand the degree of awareness with regards to nutrition, we have created a survey to indirectly assess physicians’ understanding and patient experiences regarding nutrition.

We are thus kindly asking all cancer patient organisations to complete the survey.


For your convenience, we have translated the survey in the following languages:

The questions have been designed to be short and patient friendly.

Your participation will truly help ECPC to acquire a European situational picture and outline the current situation in terms of knowledge and areas for improvement regarding nutrition in oncology.

Preliminary results of the Survey will be presented at the Annual General Meeting 2015 of the ECPC which will be held in Brussels on 19−21 June 2015.

Thanks in advance for your collaboration!


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