The European Guide on Quality Improvement in Comprehensive Cancer Control – CANCON is the second Joint Action launched by the European Commission to harmonise the way European Union Member States fight cancer.

Cancon aims to contribute in different ways to reducing the cancer burden in the EU. It will help decrease cancer mortality by

  • Improving the quality of cancer care among member states;
  • Improving the quality of life of cancer patients and survivors with proposals on survivorship;
  • Ensuring reintegration and palliative care and a decrease in inequalities at various levels of the cancer control field.

These key elements will be combined with other relevant aspects of cancer control to create a European Guide on Quality Improvement in Comprehensive Cancer Control.

The Joint Action represents a common effort coordinated by the European Commission (DG SANCO) and several EU Member States to harmonise the way we fight cancer in Europe. CANCON succeeds the first Joint Action on cancer, called European Partnership Action Against Cancer – EPAAC. The new Joint Action aims to improve the overall cancer control through quality based cancer screening programmes; to enhance integration of cancer care, community based cancer care approaches; and to provide concerted efforts in all aspects of survivorship, including palliative care. These key elements will be at the core of CANCON.

Moreover, Member States (MS) will discuss key cancer control topics in a MS cooperation platform, aiming to produce position papers to be used by MS in shaping their national policies.

ECPC obtained a formal recognition as Collaborative Partner, therefore, we have been called to contribute into several Work Packages. CANCON constitutes a unique opportunity for ECPC to present the views of the European cancer community on comprehensive cancer and therefore, our participation in the various Work Packages is of key importance.

  • WP2-Dissemination
    High level of engagement of internal and external communications to set cancer control on the European agenda and foster networking across different fields of science. A website will be used as key tool to disseminate the European Guide, activities of the JA and public documents prepared by other WPs
    ECPC Representative: Francesco Florindi
  • WP4-Methodology
    It will deliver the final document of the European Guide on Quality Improvement in Comprehensive Cancer Control. It will ascertain the methodology for the preparation of the Guide, assure the content, its quality and coherence between the chapters.
    ECPC Representative: Francesco De Lorenzo
  • WP7-Community Level Cancer Control
    Will examine aspects of community cancer care and its interactions with other dimensions in the course of comprehensive cancer care such as continuity of cancer care after discharge from initial treatment, reintegration and rehabilitation of survivors and management of their long-term follow up, early diagnosis.
    ECPC Representative: Kathi Apostolidis
  • WP8-Survivorship and Rehabilitation
    Develop a European organizational framework with a list of recommendations for addressing survivorship and rehabilitation and proposed tools. All phases across the cancer care continuum will be taken into consideration as well as the patient’s status. Feasibility and acceptability by all member states will be sought.
    ECPC Representative: Francesco de Lorenzo
  • WP9-Cancer Screening
    Create principles for organizing and evaluating population based cancer screening programmes as part of the national cancer control plan in each EU MS.
    ECPC Representative: Pietro Presti

You can find more information on CANCON Website.