ECPC is the unified voice of cancer patients across Europe!

The European Cancer Patient Coalition's policy initiatives highlight varied scientific expertise gained through participation in key EU funded projects and is, specifically, founded on mutual collaboration of Intitutional Partners and active Members.

ECPC's Policy & Advocacy activities cover the following action areas:

- working to anticipate and formulate legistlation taking place at the European level

- participating in the EU legislative health policy process

- providing the scientific knowledge base required in policy development

- raising awareness about cancer issues affecting European citizens

- providing a platform for EU citizens' participation in the shaping and implementation of public health policies

ECPC's independent activities on the most pressing cancer-related policy issues

Find out how EU laws affect cancer patients'
and ECPC work to support positive change

ECPC collaborates with the Commission on a variety of projects and initiatives

What is TeamECPC?

TeamECPC is a group of committed athletes, runners, friends and colleagues who support ECPC by participating on our behalf to competitive and non-competitive sports events.


Why TeamECPC?

ECPC actively promotes healthy lifestyles through the participation of ECPC staff and friends into sports events throughout Europe.

ECPC has already engaged in sport activities to raise awareness on specific types of cancer. “TeamECPC” has been involved sports events since 2013.


How can I participate?

In 2017, TeamECPC will participate in the following events:


Please contact us if you would like to join the team.


Follow us on twitter to remain updated on the latest news! #TeamECPC