Meet our Board Members, Audit Committee Members and 
Scientific Committee Members 

Role and functioning

ECPC is governed by a Board of seven individuals elected by ECPC General Assembly among its Members. The Board manages ECPC, supported by the ECPC Secretariat and in compliance with the opinions of the Audit Committee.

In particular, the Board’s key responsibilities are:

  • To establish ECPC Strategy to achieve ECPC's Vision and Mission;
  • To provide input to ECPC activities;
  • To monitor ECPC activities;
  • To protect ECPC assets, providing proper financial oversight and ensuring adequate financial resources;
  • To ensure legal and ethical integrity of the organisation;
  • To enhance the organization’s public standing

The Board meets at least four times per year.

Each individual belonging to one of ECPC Members can hold a position on the Board for a maximum of two terms (three years per term).

ECPC Statutes require at least one half of the Board Members shall be cancer patients or cancer survivors.

The ECPC Board elected for the period of 2016 - 2019 has been officially endorsed and published in the Belgian Gazette.


ECPC Board

Francesco De Lorenzo - President

Italian Federation of Cancer Patients Organisations (FAVO) - Italy

Prof. De Lorenzo is a colon cancer survivor, medical doctor and professor of biochemistry at the University Federico II Naples. He has a rich experience in cancer advocacy, being the co-founder, former Vice-President and the current President of the European Cancer Patient Coalition (ECPC). He is also the founder and President of the Italian Association of Cancer Patients (AIMaC), Italy's first Cancer Information Service (CIS), and of the Italian Federation of Cancer Patients Organisations (FAVO). Prof. De Lorenzo is also active in Italy's governmental network of cancer Institutes (ACC), Italy's National Cancer Plan Committee and National Volunteer Observatory of the Italian Welfare Ministry. Prof. De Lorenzo was also engaged in Italian politics as a Member of Parliament (1983-1994), holding several ministerial mandates (Ministry of Health, 1989-199).

At the Europe and international level, Prof. De Lorenzo is:

  • Member of the European Commission Expert Group on Cancer Control;
  • ECPC representative within CanCon, in several Work Packages;
  • ECPC representative within the EU Joint Action on Rare Cancers, in several Work Packages;
  • Founding Member of the Elite Oncology Roundtable, created under the auspices of the Society for Translational Oncology - STO, from which the European Cancer Patients' Bill of Rights originated;
  • Co-chair of ECPC Expert Group on Immuno-Oncology;
  • Member of the General Assembly of the Worldwide Innovative Networking (WIN) Consortium;
  • Member of the Patient Advisory Group of the IMI PREFER project;
  • Member of the Science Policy Committee of the European Academy of Cancer Sciences.



Kathi Apostolidis - Vice President

Hellenic Cancer Federation-ELL.O.K.- Greece

Kathi is the Vice President of ECPC-European Cancer Patient Coalition and the President of the Executive Committee of ELL.O.K., the Hellenic Cancer Federation/Greece. Kathi is a Public Affairs Consultant with broad and diversified experience in regulatory and public affairs, diplomacy, strategy, marketing and communications with international companies and public service. Jointly with the President, she is responsible for strategy, strategic alliances, relations with the European Commission and other EU and national high level cancer stakeholders.

Kathi represents ECPC at:

  • the EMA's Patients and Consumers Working Group;
  • the European Commision Expert Group on Cancer Control together with ECPC President;
  • the Expert Group ECIBC/QASDG EU Initiative on Breast Cancer;
  • the European Commission Working Group on mHealth Assessment Guidelines;
  • Work Packages of the EU Joint Action on Cancer Control;
  • Cancer Patients Working Group within ESMO;
  • Steering Committee of the HTAi's Patients and Citizens Involvement Group;
  • eSMART Project as Project Lead;
  • Scientific Advisory Board of TRANSCAN II.

As a twice breast cancer survivor, Kathi was involved in breast cancer, survivorship and cancer patient rights advocacy for the last 25 years. Her advocacy covers issues of access to cancer care, informed shared decision making in cancer care, patient involvement in cancer research, health and cancer care policy and economics, cancer care delivery, patient safety, health technology assessment, digital technology in cancer care. At national level she serves as Board Member at KEFI Association of Cancer Patients, Volunteers and Physicians in Greece and as Director/ Member of other Greek cancer patient associations.

Kathi is an active user of social media in healthcare: Twitter:@kgapo, FB: Kathi Apostolidis - #opnhealth, Blog:, Pinterest: kgapo.


Jana Pelouchova - Secretary

Diagnoza Leukemie - Czech Republic

Jana is a chronic myeloid leukemia patient on treatment for 14 years. Challenges of living with CML led her, in 2006, to become the founder and chairperson of Diagnoza CML patient organisation in Czech Republic, evolving in 2014 into Diagnoza Leukemie patient society, addressing patients with all types of leukemias. The need for sharing and learning experiences in advocacy was the reason she became the co-founder of the CML Advocates Network (2007) and president of the Swiss-based Leukaemia Patient Advocates Foundation. Recently, she became a member of the Steering Committee of the newly established global network CLL AN (chronic lymphocytic leukemia). Jana is an ECPC Board Member and Secretary since 2011. As a rare cancer advocate she also represents ECPC in the Rare Cancers Europe. For a second election period she is a member of the ECCO PAC. Besides gaining access to therapies in hemato-oncology she is focused on improving methods of patient education and adherence to oral anti-cancer drugs.


Andrew Winterbottom - Treasurer

Fight Bladder Cancer - United Kingdom

Andrew was diagnosed with a Stage 4 bladder cancer in 2009 and almost immediately after major surgery, set up the UK charity Fight Bladder Cancer as the first patient advocacy group in the UK for bladder cancer patients and their families. The charity, under Andrew's direction, has grown to be a significant voice for bladder cancer across the UK and more recently across Europe, where he has helped to draft the recent Bladder Cancer White paper that has been launched in April 2016. Andrew is also a representative of the UK National Cancer Institute's Bladder Cancer Clinical Studies group and two specialist sub groups for invasive and non-invasive bladder cancer. In addition, he has also been the patient specialist representative on the NICE panel developing the latest UK Bladder Cancer Quality Standards and a patient advisor to the Scottish Medicines Coalition.



Szymon Chrostowski - Board Member

Polish Cancer Patient Coalition - Poland - Poland

Szymon is the leader of Poland's largest cancer patients' association and a key European opinion maker in relation to patients' access to innovative cancer treatments. He is a cancer survivor, diagnosed with testicular cancer at young age. He has worked for over 13 years to promote prophylaxis, enable early diagnosis, improve access to innovative therapies and educate society, patients & careers, as well as doctors, nurses and medical representatives. His main area of activity is patient advocacy and dialogue with decision makers, such as Ministry of Health, Parliament, National Health Found, HTA Agency and more. As a leader of Polish Cancer Patient Coalition, Szymon is responsible for preparing and enabling consultations and recommendations of changes in healthcare policy that are beneficial for patients. In 2012, he founded the Coalition Against Pain, which developed standards for treatment cancer pain in Poland, it succeeded in introducing for the first time in the history the compulsory education of pain management for all medical students in Poland. I have an experience in preparing and managing projects supported by European funds. Example of them is Citizens Coalition for Oncology, which created Patient Strategy for Cancer for the years 2015 - 2025 and patient healthcare package (fast track and cancer diagnosis with no limits, patient coordinator and treatment council – that was implemented by parliament and is valid from January 1st 2015. Szymon is a member of ECPC Expert Group on Immuno-Oncology, as well as other expert/working groups in oncology in Poland and Europe.


Dan Cimpoeru - Board Member

Association of Cancer Patients from Romania (FABC) - Romania

Dan Cimpoeru is a doctor in Law and author of several scientific works and articles, including the book "MALPRACTICE", a reference work in the Romanian publishing environment. As a lawyer, he has participated in the patient advocacy movement since 2007. He has worked with the Association of Cancer Patients from Romania and umbrella organizations, such as FABC and the Romanian Chronic Patients Alliance. From this position, he has represented the associations in front of the health authorities on various legal matters.

At the same time, he has been deeply involved in defending patients' rights in court. In 2014-2015, based on the European Directive 89/105/EEC, he won 17 lawsuits against the Romanian government and now a number of 165 cancer patients are receiving medical treatment for free. As a consequence, the legislation was finally changed and, since October 2015, these medicines have been covered by the national health insurance system for all Romanian cancer patients. Dan is also a legal consultant and expert of the World Health Organization (WHO).


Natacha Bolanos - Board Member

Spanish Group of Cancer Patients (GEPAC) - Spain

Natacha's relationship with patients began many years ago, after developing a career in classical ballet and learning about injuries and pain. She became conscious about the benefits that movement and exercise techniques can bring to patients, drove her interest in learning how to apply that knowledge to improve the physical condition and quality of life of patients living with cancer, and how she could help them to recover the control and the status performance. This interest led her to get a degree in Cancer Rehabilitation Through Exercise Referral, and to start collaborating with the Spanish Cancer Patients Group (GEPAC) in 2011. Now, Natacha is leading GEPAC's Physical Rehabilitation Department, helping patients to understand and to deal with cancer treatments (prior, during and after). Trying to do more, she engaged advocacy activities. She has a broad experience in working with interagency partnerships, community, and educational groups. She regularly participates as speaker at national and European level, and recently, she launched a Patient Advisory Board to provide insights for the design of clinical trials, with the objective to promote patient relevant outcomes, and patient-centred research. Natacha is involved in many international platforms concerning not only cancer, but haematological and other rare diseases: Pancreatic Cancer Europe, Make Sense Campaign, Lymphoma Coalition, MDS Alliance, CML Advocates Network, and MPN Advocates Network, among others. She regularly participates in work streams and advisory boards, moderating support forums and updating educational resources in response to patient questions. This includes substantial information on diagnosis, treatments and adverse effects. Natacha is clearly committed to increasing effectiveness as an advocate, remaining constantly updated with the scientific progresses.


Audit Committee

In line with ECPC Statute, the Audit Committee is elected by ECPC General Assembly among its Members. The three Audit Committee Members remain in charge for three years.

The Audit Committee is responsible to oversee the financial management of ECPC, approving ECPC Budgets.



Pietro Presti - Chair


Born in Turin, Italy, Pietro Presti is a dynamic and goal-oriented manager with a broad experience in healthcare sector, especially in oncology, including prevention, screening, cancer control and research. Pietro is a Managing Director at "Edo ed Elvo Tempia" Foundation, an Italian private foundation, primarily involved in cancer prevention and screening, palliative care, psycho-oncology and research in oncogenomics. Pietro has also been an active member of Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) since May 2007. He is also CEO at im3D Clinic Scarl, a university spin-off operating in the field of oncological screening and prevention, based on medical imaging technologies dedicated to the early diagnosis and prevention of colorectal cancer and breast cancer. Pietro has a substantial experience in strategic and sustainable business development, international projects and institutional relationships, as well as possess an important track record of managing and scaling complex and innovative projects and public-private partnerships.


Nicolas Philippou - Audit Committee Member


Nicolas serves as a General Manager of The Cyprus Association of Cancer Patients and Friends (PASYKAF) since 2010. His values have been to be patient centered, goal oriented, transparent and professional, with the aim to grow the organization and be able to create impact towards achieving best patients' outcomes. Personally, Nicolas has a business background, holding a BA in Management and an MBA in Finance. He has 10 years of experience in the private sector, including two international companies with operations in Cyprus, Greece and the UK. These positions gave Nicolas an opportunity to work in diverse environments, cooperating and communicating with people from all calibre and professional backgrounds. In 2014 he was elected as the General Secretary of the Cyprus Patients Federation, an umbrella organization member of EPF and he has an excellent working relations with colleagues and board members from other European and International Cancer Associations.


István Balogh - Audit Committee Member


He has been a President of the Children Cancer Foundation for over ten years. His commitment, broad experience, as well as economic background and leadership skills have ensured a success and confident future for the organization, where Istvan is responsible for coordinating economic matters, planning budgets, conducting analysis, research and more. Thanks to his expertise, legal knowledge and engagement, Istvan is also a board member of several organizations in Hungary and in the USA.


Scientific Committee

In line with the ECPC Statute's provision for the establishment of the Scientific Committee, in June 2016 each ECPC Member was called to present candidatures for the nomination of the ECPC Scientific Committee. Consequently, the Board of Directors analysed the candidatures and unanimously selected 5 candidates who have been announced members of the first ECPC Scientific Committee.


Prof. Neil K. Aaronson

Department of Psychosocial Research, Division of Psychosocial Research & Epidemiology


Prof. Louis J. Denis

Oncology Centre Antwerp (OCA)


Prof. Athanasios Dimopoulos

Dean of Athens University, EKPA


Prof. Mark Lawler

Queen's University Belfast


Prof. Francesco Perrone

Istituto Nazionale Tumori di Napoli

National Cancer Institute of Naples "G. Pascale"