ECPC Annual General Meeting 2017
16 - 18 June 2017
Hotel Renaissance
Brussels, Belgium




ECPC is doing its best to make sure that each ECPC Annual General Meeting remains the largest gathering of cancer patients in Europe. Last year we welcomed more than 120 ECPC Members, and we will significantly increase the number of participants this year. We look forward to enriching discussions and fruitful networking opportunities.


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We believe co-operation among cancer patients' organisations is essential to ensure state-of-the-art cancer care practices are shared across the EU and hope that this event will deliver fundamental information regarding cancer policies, facilitate member collaboration, and empower action to shape national healthcare plans which satisfy patient needs.

This year we are pleased to announce a valuable new interactive session, 'Listening to ECPC Members', designed to introduce our member organisations to each another and highlight areas of work for potential collaboration. We launch the Open Call for sharing best-practice presentations. If you wish to be considered to present at this year's conference, please submit three slides on one of following topics:

1. Defending the rights of cancer patients

2. How to partner with decision makers

3. Engaging the public in awareness campaigns

4. How an ECPC project was utilized at a local level

Selected entries will be chosen to give a 5-minute presentation on Saturday 17th June to the congregation. All submissions will be showcased at the Annual General Meeting through a poster exhibition; for this reason we ask for one slide to be an illustrative summary of the project/organization in general (in a printable format). The deadline for presentation submissions is Sunday 28th May.

In the lead up to the Annual General Meeting, ECPC is welcoming member candidatures for our 1500 EUR scholarships for young cancer survivors. The candidatures should include a brief description of the young survivor's story and an explanation as to why this person should be rewarded. Deadline for candidature submissions is also Sunday 28th May.

If you have any questions related to the AGM 2017, please feel free to contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.