Annual General Meetings

Each year, ECPC organises an Annual General Meeting of its Members (AGM).

Art. 14 of the ECPC statute (adopted in 2015) defines the obligations to be performed during the AGM. Therefore, you will find the following documents per each ECPC AGM:

    1. Minutes of the previous General Assembly meeting;
    2. The Board's annual report;
    3. The Board's financial report;
    4. The report of the Association's audit committee;
    5. A clear image on ECPC assets and statement of income and expenditure for the past financial year;
    6. The adopted budget for the next financial year.

ECPC Office is currenlty reorganising the Association's archive. Missing data from older AGMs will be published shortly.

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AGM Minutes 2013

Documentation of the 2016 ECPC Annual General Meeting

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ECPC AGM 2012 Minutes


ECPC Financial Report 2012


2009 08 Audit Report 2008

The ECPC Annual General Meeting 2015 took place at the Renaissance Hotel in Brussels, Belgium, from the 19th to the 21st June.

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ECPC AGM 2011 Minutes


ECPC financial report 2011


ECPC financial report 2007

Documentation of the 2014 ECPC Annual General Meeting

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ECPC AGM 2010 Minutes


ECPC Annual Financial Report 2010


ECPC financial report 2006